About Us

Chhota SMS powered by Todaybiz Technologies is a premier service Provider Company founded in Hyderabad, Telangana in the year 2011. Todaybiz stands today as one of the leading SMS providers having a client base of over 75,000+ customers Pan India. Todaybiz is known for its reputation, excellence and passion for constantly exceeding customer satisfaction through technology. Todaybiz takes pride in providing quality service with competitive pricing.

With a turnover of 20 Crores in 2016, Todaybiz emerges as a major player in the SMS industry focused solely to provide excellent service. Client’s persistent acceptability and trust had made it possible for Todaybiz to have delivered more than 10,000 Million SMS's in the past six years.

Todaybiz continually invests in new skills and functions critical for the future such as Consumer Marketing to build sustainable credibility and trust. Todaybiz is now concentrating on High Value Markets delivering innovative tailor made SMS packages and developing specialties for its comprehensive product portfolio.

To meet our vision, we strive to maintain technical leadership and structural methods to ensure complex challenges are met in the shortest of time. Our mission is to ensure our clients have full confidence, that our services will provide them with uninterrupted business continuity and productivity.

Chhota SMS is future-safe with highest security and user-friendliness.

The flexible modules of Chhota SMS allow you to integrate strong authentication core interfaces, in your existing environment with ease. Chhota SMS digitization configures highest security and safety standards protecting critical business processes and transactions in a simple way.

Chhota SMS Secure process prevents any data manipulation during transactions or the unauthorized execution of processes. Our data security exchange averts any substantial damage of critical transactions and processes and also thwarts the nature of unauthorized execution from occurring.

All management validations and authorization functions of Chhota SMS are perfectly integrated, communicating stable operations and exceptional execution of Transactional SMS, Promotional SMS, Voice Call SMS, OTP SMS & Promo DND SMS services.

Chhota SMS extremely adaptable steady operation modules allow you to incorporate SMS transformation effortlessly and securely. With open API interface and adaptable integration for security, Chhota SMS guarantees verification mechanism extremely easy-to-use. Open API enables Chhota SMS effectively incorporate firm validation securing all basic procedures.

Chhota SMS special design rolled out with simplified usability with utmost security is what separates it from others in the market, making it a leader in providing SMS services in South India.